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Lock Repair

Broken nightlatch repaired by Lockworx Ipswich Locksmiths

With daily usage, regular wear and tear can cause locks to become difficult to operate, and without proper maintenance they can become damaged beyond the point of repair. Over time, a lock in need of maintenance could become misaligned, or parts of the locking mechanism could become completely jammed.

If you’re experiencing difficulty locking or unlocking a door, it’s best to get this looked at as soon as possible. If the lock isn’t professionally repaired or maintained, you could find that the door won’t lock or unlock at all, leaving you unable to access or secure the property – which could leave your property vulnerable. 

Lockworx will always try to repair old or damaged locks to bring them back to complete working order, however if for any reason the lock is beyond repair or it’s not cost effective to do so, we can install a replacement from our extensive recommended range.

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